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Monday, June 27, 2011

School Review

Just for fun, I had Mike, Em, and Nat help me put together some "smilebox" scrapbooks with pictures from the school year. Results follow...
(**Note: if pages are going by too fast/slow, there are generally control buttons towards the bottom of each presentation that will let you pause,go back, etc.)

Natalie's 1st Year of School

Natalie went to half-day 4-yr-old kindergarten this year and Loved it! (Her teacher, "Mr. K" is legendary at Hoover) Be sure to check out the video clips of her singing after the first day of school and the class dancing/singing on their last day....

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A Snapshot of Mike's School Year

Mike had a great year in first grade. I think he/we pulled off a particularly cool set of show-and-tell's by bringing a cocoon in the fall and the resulting "polyphemus" moth in the spring! (We thought the little dude had perished over the winter but were pleasantly surprised!)

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Great Fun for Emily

Emily had a wonderful time this year, too. There were only about 6 girls in her class, so the teacher really encouraged them to "stick together" and be good friends to each other....

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Mom's 2 Cents Worth

I continue to be very pleased with our local school, Hoover Elementary (West Allis - West Milwaukee school district). The kids' teachers have all been excellent and the principal is great, too. I'm really enjoying being a "PTA mom", too. (I co-chaired the Reading Carnival committee and ended up mostly doing prize ordering/organization since the carnival was scheduled 4 days before I was due to have Ben!)

Needless to say, we are ALL looking forward to 2011-2012!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma Higgins!

Our Smilebox for Grandma Higgins:

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As always, it takes a few tries to get our video "messages" to everyone's liking.... One of these days I'll have to make an out-takes "reel"... (Today's favorite is when baby Benjamin sneezed during Esther's song, and her comments on it)

Hope you have a good day, Mom!