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Sunday, November 28, 2010

In Case You Haven't Heard Our News...

If I haven't run into you in a while and/or otherwise neglected to mention it, we are expecting another "Higglet" in the Spring --- in the vicinity of May 25th, most likely.

Yes, this makes 5. And yes, we are delighted! The kids are excited, too, but took the actual announcement rather coolly --- they had been saying they wanted us to have a baby, so in their minds, it was just a matter of time... :-)

The kids all think we should have a boy this time but I have kindly informed them that:
A)Heavenly Father gets to decide and
B)It will be a while before we know... and, last but not least,
C)Baby girls are fun, too --- just look at Esther (who is now two and prone to screaming if the older kids infringe on her personal space but still loves to run up and give them "loves" when they come home from school)

They take these reminders/cautions in stride and then reiterate, "yeah, but we Want a Boy!"
(If they do get a boy, I suppose we know who to send our next Christmas Wish Lists to!)

Here's a little preview:(Higglet #5 at 12 weeks)

So, that's it --- real "news" for a change :-)